Sign Your Daily Horoscope
When you look into your wallet, do you see neatly organized currency and credit cards? Or do you see a mishmash of scraps of paper, crumpled bills, and random business cards? If you see the latter, it's time to get organized! Your financial life has little chance of being healthy if you don't respect your money. Taking extra time to tidy up your money's home sends a message of respect out to the universe. If you treat money like garbage, it won't want to come and live with you.
Friends are not the people who judge you in your life -- your friends are there to support you and bring out the best in you! So if you are feeling confused about something, do not be afraid to share your problems with the people in your life. They will be compassionate, even if you fear that they won't be. Why are you doubting that? It's time to refresh your memory -- you have some of the most amazing people on your team! Let them remind you of that fact.
Some unexpected tasks are going to pop up today, and they might just throw a few wrinkles in your latest plan. This interruption could cause you a great deal of frustration -- unless you take the initiative and meet every challenge head on as soon as you can. Don't procrastinate about finishing your responsibilities, but do not try to go and do everything by yourself, either. You know whom you need on your team, so get the word out and rally the troops around your cause.
Your good energy can inspire good energy in other people today, but you need to communicate it in order for people to know about it. Spread the word about the good deeds and great ideas you're working on right now, and you're sure to get some rapt attention. Don't worry about people thinking you're too egotistical or that you're tooting your own horn -- they'll be too busy being amazed at what you've put together to think such petty thoughts.
It's as if someone gave your brain cells a shot of adrenaline today! As soon as you get up in the morning, your gray matter will be humming with all sorts of great ideas -- that can be applied to both your social life and your work or school life. This is a good day to do some research, because your brain is ready to soak in new information like a thirsty sponge! But don't do your research online -- go to the library, where you can meet someone who will end up being quite helpful in many ways.
Do you have a long list of things to do today? Well, you had better set them all aside for another time -- the energy in the air points to a day of not too much progress. The sooner you get comfortable with the fact that not a lot will get done today, the sooner you can relax and enjoy this unexpected day of leisure. It's a good time to dig in to the book you've been reading, visit that show at the museum before it leaves town or just indulge in a late afternoon nap.
If you are asked to volunteer your time today, keep your hands and your head down. You don't have time to sacrifice on other people's pet projects right now. Sure, you might feel guilty for one or two minutes about not being more generous, but there will be plenty of opportunities in the future for you to pitch in and help the causes you care about. Today, you need to take care of a few things that impact your life in a personal and profound way.
Don't fret -- your creativity is not a finite resource, and you won't be running out of ideas any time soon! Your imagination knows no bounds right now, so it's a very good day to come up with a few new ways to freshen up one of your stale relationships. The two of you need an unusual outing. Skip the movie, the meal out, the hour at the coffee shop. Instead, why not hit the road for an impromptu day trip? Don't be afraid to get lost, either. Finding your way together will help you grow closer.
If you're feeling cramped or overly limited in what you can do, that's probably because you're not trying to do enough! Today is a good time to stretch yourself -- it will feel good. The projects you've given yourself have become so easy that they offer little if any challenge -- which is probably why you feel like you're not fighting at the top of your game. Add a little more ambition to the mix, and do not be afraid to fail. In failure, there is learning.
The ideas in your head are more interesting to the people around you than you might realize, so get them out there into the world, and see what kind of inspiration you can create. The wonderful thing about ideas is that they can build upon each other -- your thoughts create someone else's thoughts, and before you know it, a whole new invention has been created! You might not be there to see the result of your inspiration, but you should share your thoughts anyway.
It can take a few days for your bank statement to match the actual amount of cash you have at your disposal, so don't let yourself be misled. Now is not the time to go on any shopping sprees or to take anyone out to dinner. Postpone those things until you know for sure that you have some extra money burning a hole in your pocket. Until then, avoid the mall and keep social plans modest. You won't have less fun just because you're spending less money.
When was the last time you worked on the most important relationship in your life? You know, the one you have with yourself? Today you need to relish the unique qualities you possess -- no one is quite like you! Lavish yourself with attention and take time to consciously thank the universe for giving you the choices it's given you. Those choices have helped make you who you are. Treat yourself however you wish your Prince or Princess Charming would treat you -- you deserve it!