Sign Your Daily Horoscope
You've been through enough change in your life to understand that whenever one thing ends, something else can begin. Hold on to this evolved concept of renewal today, because someone close to you might need to hear you explain it. You have a powerful ability to soothe distressed people right now, so don't hesitate to offer your shoulder to weepy folks who need support. All you have to do is listen and then speak from your heart.
You are a methodical creature who likes to see all aspects of an issue before deciding which side to join. But just because you are slow by nature does not mean that you are unresponsive. And today, someone will offer you a chance to prove that fact when they come to you for help. Faster than anyone else, you will have the answer to a problem that has been puzzling your group for a while. This is a day when you will make a minor but indelible mark on the world.
Your dreams are giving you interesting messages -- unfortunately, they are nearly impossible to decipher. Spend some time today thinking about the images that keep reappearing and what they may represent in your life. There is a strong need for you to clean your emotional house and toss out things that are keeping you from having a great day. It could be as simple as letting go of past mistakes, or as difficult as letting go of a current relationship that just isn't working.
Listening to other people is a lot easier than listening to yourself right now -- there is a lot of internal chatter going on in your brain, and it might not be making a whole lot of sense to you. Your subconscious is working through issues and ideas that you might not be fully aware of. Things will come to the surface and start to make sense later, when it's time to act. So for now, try to distract yourself by getting with the people you love and keeping things light and fun.
If it feels as though there are not enough people in your life right now, have faith that the support you need is coming to you very soon. You may get comfort from discussing your hopes and desires with other people, but in the end the answers always come from deep inside of you anyway. You have the strength, knowledge and determination to solve whatever dilemma you're facing now -- have no doubt about that!
Today there will be no problem that a little quick reasoning won't be able to solve! Feed yourself a nutritious breakfast so your brain stays sharp and ready to toss out an idea that will help solve a growing dilemma. Best of all, your wit is keener than ever, so you can deliver this brilliant solution in a charming way that ruffles not one single feather. In essence, you're going to be saying the perfect thing at the perfect time, in the perfect way!
In your quest to experience new and exciting things, are you forgetting some of the tried and true people and pastimes in your life? Remember, you don't always have to get rid of old things to make room for new. You can have everything you want in your life, including people who might not fit perfectly into your evolving social circle. Do not let them go -- make an effort to have one-on-one time, and make maintaining important relationships a priority in your life.
If you are charged with spending other people's money right now, do not confuse this with a license to go on a spending spree! Treat this account more carefully than you would treat your own, and be on the lookout for some coupons, rebates or other types of money-saving measures. This responsibility is a very serious one, and it could either prove your trustworthiness or prove your flightiness. Which would you prefer? When in doubt, act conservatively.
If you're tired of people being all talk and no action, then it's time to make a choice. Either you stop listening to their talk, or you act for them! Follow your mood on this, and do whatever the moment calls for. They might not realize that their behavior has been so infuriating for you -- do keep that in mind if you decide to call someone's bluff. This confrontation has a strong potential to be highly entertaining, so enjoy the showdown!
If you have a firm idea about what you want to do today, you should stick to it! Do not let a new group of people sway you -- no matter how attractive or exciting their proposed alternative might be. These people are flightier than you think, and aligning your life with their lives might make things a bit too tumultuous for your current mood. What they promise is not really all that desirable to you, anyway.
The best way to your heart is through your head, and someone in your life who is very intriguing understands that. Be open to this person's attempts at probing conversations; nosy questions are not attempts to 'dig up dirt' on you -- they are part of an effort to understand what makes you tick. It's okay to trust this person's motives. You are building some very long-lasting relationships right now.
Just when you think you have something all figured out in your social life, the situation will start to get foggy again. Do not get frustrated! This is not the universe playing a joke on you -- it's the universe trying to steer you in the right direction. Recent dates or social outings have made you start thinking about getting closer to someone who makes you think -- but this person may not be thinking about you. Give the situation time. Wait for this person to make the first move.